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Enriching the lives of our users, by bringing them playful online services that increase their mental health. That's what we're all about.


Dezzel Media was founded in 2010 by Louis Kinsbergen and Marc de Groot in Almere with the mission to:

‘’Enriching the lives of our users, by bringing them the best playful online service that boosts their mental wellbeing.”

Dezzel Media designs, develops and sells online brain fitness services, primarily based on serious games. We are an e-mental health company.

By building a solid platform architecture, we are developing a suite of brain fitness tools which targets different cognitive functions and mental issues.

Our online games, tests and coaching help our users to improve their main cognitive areas that start to decline after the age of 30: memory, concentration, visual perception, logical thinking and processing speed. By training with our tools, our users become more productive, better able to cope with stress and generally more confident.

According to SharpBrains (An inde­pen­dent mar­ket research firm track­ing health and per­for­mance appli­ca­tions of neu­ro­science), the global digital brain health market is expected to reach $6 billion in 2020. The main factors driving this growth are the aging population, the rising cost of healthcare and the fact that 25% of the world population faces some kind of brain health challenge or mental disorder (dementia, Alzheimer, ADHD and stress).

We believe that in the next 5 years:




Our first product is BrainGymmer, an online brain training tool which currently has 300.000 users in over a 100 countries. Our next product will be an online stress reduction program.
We will develop more products in the area of mental health, such as products directed towards Dementia, ADHD and Burnout.

All our products are based on the same mechanism: creating a playful way to increase mental ability.



We encourage further research into the effect of brain games by working closely with a number of respected universities in this field. Currently a number of scientific research studies use BrainGymmer as training platform. If you are interested in using BrainGymmer for research or business purposes, please send us an email at

University of Calgary2 

University of Calgary

BrainGymmer is also used as platform in a study by the University of Calgary in Canada. Dr. V. Goghari is leading a team that is researching what the real life effects of brain training are. This study is being conducted to learn more about brain training programs, who these programs work for, and how some programs work compared to other programs. Participants will spend 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week, for up to a 10-week training period where they will be either playing computerized games, or be part of a no-contact control group that does not involve any training. More information about this project can be found here. Current status of this research:In progress

Universeiteit Leiden

Universeiteit Leiden

As part of a project called ‘’De Leidse Proeftuin’’ Dezzel Media provides BrainGymmer to a project by Dr. G. Brand who is researching the effect of brain training for the age category 50+. De Leidse Proeftuin is a collaboration of four knowledge institutions from the city of Leiden. Collectively they are looking for answers to issues that arise due to the aging society and reformations in health care. The project objective is to keep everyone fit and vigorous by developing the best care of the future by innovation and in collaboration with the residents of Leiden. More information can be found here. Current status of this research:In progress

Sophie revalidatie  

Sophia revalidatie

Sophia Revalidatie is currently testing BrainGymmer as part of their revalidation program for children.

University of Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is currently conducting two types of research using BrainGymmer in the project TAPASS (Training Project Amsterdamse Senioren en Stroke).

  • Can you recover faster from a stroke with brain training exercises? (prof. Dr. R.K. Ridderinkof)
  • What’s the best protocol for brain training for senior citizens? (prof. Dr. J. Murre)

With these projects, the researchers want to determine if online brain training helps protect or enhance cognitive functions (such as mental flexibility and memory) and if this goes hand in hand with changes in the brain. The effect will be measured with the use of brain scans. Another goal is to determine what factors of brain training are vital in prolonging the effects of the games as well as researching how brain training could also enhance other functions and how the games can be tailor made to enhance the effects. More information can be found here. Current status of this research:In progress

Vermoeidheid en Pijn  

Vermoeidheid & PijnCentrum

Het Vermoeidheid en PijnCentrum Flevoland (fatigue and pain treatment center) has incorporated BrainGymmer as part of their treatment.

Accelerate Learning

Accelerate Learning

Accelerate Learning is an UK based tutoring program which now offers BrainGymmer to their students to help them develop their full learning potential.



Dezzel develops innovative projects that are made possible with the support of the European Commission.




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Can you recover from a stroke by playing Brain Games?

Date: June 19th, 2013

The University of Amsterdam has started a large research project into the possibility to reduce the negative effects of a stroke and ageing on the brain and daily functioning, by training in the form of Brain Games. 280 participants train at home on their own computer with the online brain training platform BrainGymmer. Results of these studies are expected in 2014 and can possibly lead to the development of individually tailored brain training methods that can help fight problems related to the ageing population and rising cost of healthcare.

The University of Amsterdam has started a large research project into the effects of daily brain training on cognitive ability (such as planning and concentration) and the daily functioning of healthy seniors and people who have suffered a stroke. In the Training Project Amsterdam Seniors and Stroke (TAPASS) program, participants train daily at home for a 12-week duration, 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Before and after the brain training period, participants come to the University of Amsterdam for an extensive 3-hour cognitive test session. Research results are expected in 2014 and can possibly deliver insights into finding solutions for the rising challenges related to the ageing populations and healthcare. More information about the research project can be found on

Prof.dr. K.R. Ridderinkhof, professor of Neurocognitive Development and Ageing at the University of Amsterdam says: “Our brain changes as we grow older. These changes impact the activities of the brain. Our memory worsens, it’s more difficult to concentrate, or thinking goes slower. We know that the brain adapts at older as well as younger age when it gets stimulated. Therefore, the question is, is it possible to reduce negative effects of ageing by doing brain training? If we can create individually tailored brain training methods, it could mean that people over 50, where cognitive decline often becomes visible, can work longer and more effectively to continue contributing to the economy”. Prof. dr. J.M.J. Murre , professor of Theoretic Neuropsycholy: "With a stroke, changes in the brain take place in a very short time. This is associated with a decline in certain functions. This group can potentially also benefit from cognitive stimulation”.


Drs. L. Kinsbergen, CEO at Dezzel Media, developer of the brain training platform BrainGymmer ( “We develop digital solutions for mental health. These are serious games and training programs you can use on your computer, tablet or smartphone. These solutions are of growing importance in the challenges around the ageing population and the rising cost of (mental) healthcare. With a super fit brain, you can function better and as you grow older, you are more able to cope with stress. Our products are based on scientific insights into the brain and we are therefore proud and happy to collaborate with the University of Amsterdam in this research”.

Europa om de hoek Kijkdagen (11-05-2015)

On Friday the 8th of May Dezzel Media participated in the ‘’Europa om de hoek Kijkdagen’’. During this event we opened our office to the public and gave people the opportunity to come by and test the BICI (Brain Integrated Cognitive Improvement) platform. BICI is a brain training platform that, with the use of a headset, allows the user to control the game with their brain. The headset measures brainwaves and translates this to what is happening in the game. The participants reacted enthusiastically and were pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of brain training with mind waves.

Below you can find some photos of the day:

  IMG_4791 IMG_4794 IMG_4804EuropaKijkdagen

Europa werkt!

We were recently featured on local television station Omroep Flevoland to discuss the BICI project. Check out the interview here:



Download the photos and logos of Dezzel Media here



Louis Kinsbergen – Founder, CEO

Louis started Dezzel Media in 2010. After finishing his degree in Economics at the University of Amsterdam, Louis worked at Unilever and Getronics before starting his own company Emexus in 2000. The company rapidly expanded and opened offices in New York, Kuala Lumpur and Kiev before being sold to 2waytraffic/Sony Pictures in 2006. Louis is now leading the Dezzel team and striving to enrich people’s lives through BrainGymmer.

Daniel Deege – CTO

Daniel leads the software development team at Dezzel. After graduating in information technology he worked for Phillips, Lost boys, TripleP and as CTO at Emexus Group/2waytraffic mobile.

Furthermore, the Dezzel team consists of talented game developers, software engineers and marketing specialists. 



Internships: we constantly offer internships for software engineers, game development/design, online marketing and communication.

Minimum 5 months, 4-5 days a week.

Come join us and build up knowledge and experience in an international environment!

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