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Dezzel was founded in 2010 with the mission to transform the way people learn using the best online technologies and methods, resulting in professional & personal growth.

Over the years we’ve created:




We have set up corporate online academies for various companies across different industries. We design a training curriculum, break it down into courses and training units, we produce training videos with experts within the companies we work with.  We add case studies, assignments and a certification. The online courses are offered through a Learning Management System which makes it very easy for any employee to learn.


The first product we launched is BrainGymmer, an online brain training platform with training games and tests.  BrainGymmer is currently used in 100 countries by people who train to improve cognitive functions such as memory and concentration.
Totalmindfulness is a 30-day course to learn about the power of mindfulness.  You learn the most powerful mindfulness exercises that help you lead a relaxed and energetic life.



We work with various academic partners to improve our products and learning methods. With our partners we also constantly create new ideas for new great products that can help people achieve professional and personal growth.

Some of our current partners:

University of Calgary, Leiden University, University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University, Sophia Rehabilitation,


Dezzel develops innovative projects that are made possible with the support of the European Commission.




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Louis Kinsbergen – Founder, CEO

Louis started Dezzel Media in 2010. After finishing his degree in Economics at the University of Amsterdam, Louis worked at Unilever and Getronics before starting his own company Emexus in 2000.  The company focused on building mobile technology, rapidly expanded, grew globally and opened offices in the USA, Asia and Europe.  Emexus was acquired in 2010.  Louis is now leading the Dezzel team and striving to enable people across the world to grow professionally & personally with Dezzel’s training courses.  
Furthermore, the Dezzel team consists of talented game developers, software engineers, training specialists and marketing specialists.



Internships: we constantly offer internships for software engineers, game development/design, online marketing and communication.

Minimum 5 months, 4-5 days a week.

Come join us and build up knowledge and experience in an international environment!
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